Hidden in Plain Site: Creative Referendums to Human Trafficking
Artist Installations, temporarily sited in cargo containers, Angels Gate Park
April 26 – June 6, 2015

Artistic solutions, also known as creative referendums, developed by nine members of an Artist Team are framed within two cargo containers temporarily sited in Angels Gate Park overlooking the Port – an alluring metaphor given that some people smuggled into the US arrive in shipping containers.

Katelyn Dorroh

Reverse Graffiti
An installation in spice on the outside of both cargo containers.

Proposed Referendum:
Understand more by breaking down the binary.

In the narrowing space between both shipping containers, Dorroh creates reverse graffiti. Dirt, soot and other grime that has collected on the metal surface is selectively removed to create an image, a metaphor to examine how much one can know concerning the trafficking of other human beings. The artist treats the act of cleaning as a barely visible, ephemeral index of many trafficked people, especially domestic workers. This portrait will diminish in detail as more layers of debris accumulate and obliterate her markings, during the 6 weeks the installation is on view. Whatever image can be constructed is fleeting and difficult to decipher.

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