Hidden in Plain Site: Creative Referendums to Human Trafficking
Artist Installations, temporarily sited in cargo containers, Angels Gate Park
April 26 – June 6, 2015

Artistic solutions, also known as creative referendums, developed by nine members of an Artist Team are framed within two cargo containers temporarily sited in Angels Gate Park overlooking the Port – an alluring metaphor given that some people smuggled into the US arrive in shipping containers.

Christine Palma

Ghost People

Proposed Referendum:
Become aware.

Palma has sculpted a three-dimensional ceramic tableau which consists of several cargo containers about a foot in length, which include trafficked victims in subjugated states, and survivors in empowered states. Victims are represented as ghosts in simple primitive, monochromatic shapes and forms depicted in a kind of graveyard surrounding the containers. Other ceramic figures climb to the top of the containers, freeing themselves.

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